Sustainable Future

Land-Based - Sustainable - Eco Friendly, Fish Farming


The Vikings Vision

-Be the largest multi-species sustainable aquaculture group globally

-Have strong focus on key markets where it is needed the most

-To bring the highest quality product in multiple of varieties to consumers

-To cooperate with local governments and people to create new industries

-To have a massive impact towards food-security now and in the future


Sustainable Fish Farming

As the demand for seafood rises and traditional ocean farming becoming less feasible, many governments are focusing all their efforts on developing and maintaining sustainable methods of food security.


The aquaculture sector is the key to ensuring a food secure future.

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The Best Seafood

RAS aquaculture ensures fish is produced sustainably. By eliminating the reliance on poor aquacultural practices, Vikings ensures customers receive only healthy, fresh products.


Our Vikings/AKVA systems, which place fish in tanks that mimic natural environments, are used to grow seafood at urban farms using sustainable and economically efficient techniques.

Fish City : Video

Salmon is only the beginning.

The Fish City will host 5 species farmed on land and up to 50.000mt per year production.


The Middle East

Our projects have been developed spcifically for the Middle East and the climate and challenges in the region. 

Fresh Salmon

Food Security


Local governments have strong initiatives to promote the local aquaculture industry and educate the public about health benefits of seafood compared to other proteins. Having full governmental support for our project in all countries, Vikings are viewed as a solid contributor to national food-security programs.

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Vikings : The Future of Aquaculture

Vikings is a company striving for a sustainable future by steadily pushing the boundaries and continuously re-thinking how we can improve.


Vikings and AKVA Group have worked together to develop one of the most reliable, advanced fish-farm systems available. They have ensured that their farm continuously provides and improves sustainable agricultural practices through researching and innovating.


Aquaculture has the potential to create many value-added industries and can be a self-sustaining resource, regardless of any unforeseen circumstances. Our company is positioned to become the largest multi-species RAS company in the world. The need for local food production is increasing rapidly, especially as the supply of ocean fish decreases


Vikings unparalleled experience in the region makes it well-positioned to take advantage of the Middle Easts growing seafood market and become a leading force in land-based aquaculture.


We are ready to become the world's largest multi-species project, thanks to our team, our partners and our network.


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