Our Team



Lukas has been a startup entrepreneur for the past 12 years and creating successful companies in different sectors.


Lukas set up the salmon trading company in Dubai and now runs the general project management of the salmon farm alongside the contractors project managers. Lukas has been involved in the salmon industry from a young age all the way from working at processing plant to trading. Lukas is living in Dubai and running all the UAE and KSA operations.



Tore Havn has worked 30+ years within the salmon industry.


He has had a significant influence on the development of the industry in Norway. Tore has developed successful farms that now have 100.000s of tons in production per year and has been part of building several of the leading salmon and aquaculture companies in Norway and Scotland alongside being part of building up a large successful accounting and finance company that now has offices all over Scandinavia.



Morten has a technical background and for more than 20-years been working within the engineering and construction industry as consultant and EPC as well as within the renewable energy sector (wind energy).


Having more than 10-years as consultant and business owner, doing business in northern Europe as well as Spain, Greece, and India. Morten has gained extensive experience within design and construction (EPC) in Agri- and Aquaculture projects. Before joining Vikings Label he had the position as Managing Director and overall responsible for Sales and Operation in the Agri- and aquaculture division at the Danish EPC company Graakjaer